Thursday, 6 October 2011

...the big knit off...

I have been knitting almost all day since I last posted. I've now completed eleven dolls-- with a few half finished ones waiting in the wings. The craft fair date is looming so I'm trying to get as many done as possible. I love the colour combinations and designs I've come up with. I've also improved my photography techniques by using a digital SLR camera, a self- made doll stand to help positioning, and setting up an appealing backdrop. The photos are coming along great. I'm glad I get to keep the photos--- I work so many hours on each doll, it will almost be sad to part with them. I plan on keeping one, to aid with measurements and scale, and I think it will be Etta. She's my absolute favourite so far.(the second photo) Naming the dolls has been great too-- I have 90 quirky, girlie and retro names on my list, and I enjoy picking out the perfect one to suit each doll. I also ordered some business cards that will be arriving soon. I'm so excited. Soon I'll talk about the logistics of craft fair set up, and my new idea-- wine charms! Thanks for reading!

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