Tuesday, 1 November 2011

...tuesday treasures...

I thought it would be fun to have a weekly post featuring lovely handmade items from other crafters across the world, as well as other eye catching products. Etsy is an amazing resource for well-priced handmade goods and supplies, as well as an amazing source of inspiration. Check it out at www.etsy.com

Doxie love:
Mini dachshunds are my favourite doggies. My parents have a multicoloured long haired little love; my cousin has fluffy and non fluffy brown doxie pups,and me and my sweetie plan to have a dashie one day too. Until then....

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MSG Free:
I love Chinese food, though it’s pretty hard to find good stuff. I remember going to a place in Victoria called the “Panda” for my Grandpa’s birthday as a kid. It was actually healthy Chinese food and it was delicious. (especially the lettuce wraps). As a teenager, I’d go down to the food court and eat a pile of chow mein with sweet and sour sauce and orange pop (oh how I wish I had that metabolism now)

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Gothic Steampunk Sparkles:
I love dramatic pieces of jewellery. This is absolutely gorgeous—ornate and sparkley—my favourite!

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Swirly Love:
I’m in love with these gorgeous bone earrings. Yay for recycling!

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