Monday, 19 December 2011

...custom graphics...

I'm going to start drawing custom graphics. I have already created a logo for my friend Melissa, for her business "Meow Cakes". Below are a few variations of the graphic. She's currently using one as stickers on the cupcake boxes! (Exciting- I feel famous!) Contact me at my email address, my FB page or leave a comment on this post if you are interested! We'll discuss your vision, I'll sketch a few ideas, then colour and polish the image and send it to you. If you'd like a product with the logo on it-- I can also arrange that for the additional fee for the item + printing. Let me know!

Check out Melissa's business HERE:



  1. Just wondering, what do you use to do the logos? Do you draw it then scan it onto your computer and colour it? Or do it all on the computer? I've tried doing this but failed miserably as I am photoshop retarded

  2. By the way, your logos look amazing!

  3. I draw it in pencil, draw over it in black felt tip pen, erase really well, then I up the contrast so there is more black and less grey--- then I use this old Corel Photo Paint program from the 1990's that's like photoshop, and I colour it. I have a tablet-- it really helps with the colouring. It takes a little while to get used to-- but it's worth it. Lots of steps! haha.


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