Tuesday, 6 December 2011

...tis the season...

Aren't Christmas trees the most cheerful things ever? In this gloomy grey-ness- we need a little sparkle and cheer. With a limited budget and limited space, you can brighten any little corner with Christmas magic. I added ornaments in pinks, purples, blues and oranges amongst the traditional silver, reds and greens. I absolutely adore white Christmas trees--- I don't think I could ever have a green one now. The ornaments really 'pop' off the tree, and the coloured lights amp up the cheer. While it might not be elegant-- I love our little half-pint, retro, colourful Christmas tree!

I added some left over ornaments to our bowl of sea shells we've collected on walks, and added an extra beaded garland= very cute!
Bonus points for having Turner Classic Movies on while I took this picture- haha.
I love the shape of these ornaments-- they remind me of those glass floating thermometers. I got this sweet wreathe at Wal-Mart. I the juxtaposition of the shiny and frosted ornaments. Underneath is the candlesticks my boyfriend and I made from champagne bottles! (Sitting on our 1950's chrome edged table we got off a local used site and fixed up!)

Happy Decorating!

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