Saturday, 7 January 2012

...iphone adverts and cozy nooks...

Just had to pop in and share my new iphone case! How cool is that? It was ordered off I thought it would be plastic, but it's sort of a woven texture. Pretty neat though-- I'm a walking advertisement! (And now I might be able to find my phone in my black purse when it's ringing)
This is my last weekend before 'real' classes start. We set up the elliptical trainer we bought on a boxing day sale today. I moved my futon into our gigantic bedroom (I love my apartment) so I have a little cozy nook now.
Isn't it cozy?
I also bought a book-bag for my classes on Monday. Eight dollars at Shoe Warehouse! (It's going out of business---because the mall here is being completely redone.) I also found the perfect day planner to write all my page numbers and quizzes in *groan*. I'm a sucker for punishment-- I just finished four years at University-- now I'm starting another seven months of college. I feel good about my decision though-- I'd like to have a good job, something I can do well at and feel good about. It's so expensive to live in Victoria, even a teeny house is almost half a million (!!), so having a good full time job would make a huge difference. I'd like to be able to stay home with my kids for a few years, so it's best that I start working and saving now!
I'm hoping to go on a drive with my boyfriend tomorrow. It's what we do for dates. We usually eat burgers at the Beacon Drive-In (little 1950's diner right by the water), but I'll be good and eat a healthy lunch, then maybe get a teensy treat. It's so beautiful driving on Dallas/Beach Dr-- all the cute little houses, the beautiful beaches, the ocean that looks different every time you drive by... I ♥ Victoria. Enjoy your Sunday-I'm going to enjoy my little bit of freedom while I can! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

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