Tuesday, 24 January 2012

...tuesday treasures...

Okay, I know it's a little early for Valentines Day. I'm not even that into Valentines Day... but I was just realizing that February was coming up and I hadn't even thought of what kind of card I would make my boyfriend. I'm made him (probably too) many cards in our year together, so I need to make this one even better! I also have a limited time frame, and as we live together, I have to try and be sneaky enough to get it finished in time. While I ponder, look over the handcrafted goods from Etsy in this week's Tuesday Treasures!

For your Deerest:How sweet is this illustration? I love the vintage style and the pops of red.

Find it HERE:

Party Time:Wow. This would be the best set up for a Cupcake Shop. I love the bunting. So ridiculously cheerful.

Find it HERE:

Cute Clips: How cute is this? You could make any design you could think of! Her stitching is perfection.

Find it HERE:

Cheerful Clutch:Okay. This isn't specifically Valentines, but it's delightful and has the right colours. Why is fruit always so cheeful?

Find it HERE:

Geeky Love:Hahaha. I love this.

Find it HERE:

Hope you enjoyed this week's Tuesday Treasures. Have a lovely week!


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