Saturday, 4 February 2012

...adventures of etta pt ii...

I had an absolutely lovely Saturday. I sold two dolls (yay!), exercised on the elliptical for a full 30 minutes, went for a drive down Dallas Rd, and a walk by the ocean. Etta, of course, came too. It was pretty cold by the water (brr!), so we didn't get to take as many pictures as I would've liked.

Dallas Rd (which turns into Beach Drive) is a road that runs along the coast of Victoria from the Downtown area into Gordon Head (an area by the University). There are beautiful mansions, cute cottages, gorgeous ocean views, and a lovely dog park with pathways down to the beach. It's probably my favourite part of Victoria. Before my parents got their mini dachshund, Felix, I used to walk there to get a dose of puppy love. It's so fun seeing all the different varieties playing together.

Across the street is Beacon Hill Park, which is 154 acres of trees, grass, ponds, and flowers. It's absolutely breathtaking in the summer. There is a little petting zoo, open in the spring and summer, that my boyfriend and I frequent probably too frequently. (There needs to be a seasons pass--- you can't get enough baby goats!)

Here are some of the pictures of our walk/drive today in the sunshine! Etta enjoyed getting out of the apartment and seeing the ocean for the very first time. (hee hee)

PS. I can't wait to take more of these pictures once the weather is warmer!


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  1. Glad you two and Etta enjoyed your day - pretty soon all the spring flowers will be out en masse and it will be even lovelier!


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