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Alright, so maybe DIY is a bit of a misnomer, as I doubt many of us can get out our glass making supplies and sterling silver punches..... but you really can have a Pandora Style bracelet for astronomically cheaper. Seriously-- a glass bead can run $80!! A charm can hit over $100! Yikes! So, if you don't feel like wearing an $1000 on your wrist... check out Etsy!
I've always liked Italian glass beads. I went on a school trip to Europe when I was 14, and I remember seeing them so many shops in Italy. I love the depth of the glass, the bright colours, the patterns and the little bubbles on top. I've also always liked charm bracelets. So when I saw the Pandora style bracelet- I was in love.
I searched on Etsy, found a sterling silver plated bracelet for $16.50 That sure beats $50 to $100 for a little chain.
The beads below are every bit as gorgeous as anything else, but will run you about $4.00 for three
Find it HERE:
This cherry blossom beauty is $4.00. A seemingly identical bead on Pandora's website is $40.00.
Find it HERE:
This sparkly birthstone beauty is around $4.00. I'm in love
Find it HERE:
Or, you can even buy a bracelet with a few coordinated beads and add a few of your own charms.
Find it HERE:
I'm thinking of planning one out for my birthday. I've come up with a peachy pink and aqua colour scheme. Nice and springy, for April. Everything in the picture below is found on Etsy!
  • The Anchor is for my business, as with the yarn ball heart and Matryoshka.
  • The crown represents my bachelor in History.
  • The 'diamond' is my birthstone.
  • The telephone represents my MOA job.
  • The snow flake reminds me of my mum (her birthday is in Dec.) and I just love falling snow.
  • The sparkly heart would be for my sweetheart.
If I end up going through with this scheme, I'll definitely post the end result!
Hope you enjoyed this post! I hope people can see how brand names don't add to the beauty of a product-- a beautiful glass bead is beautiful without a brand name stamped on it, especially when it is made by hand. Enjoy your browsing!

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  1. I totally agree! Making up lovely things at a fraction of the cost is wonderful - greener, less commercial, and supports local talent.


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