Tuesday, 14 February 2012

...valentine & how to...

This is the valentine I made for my boyfriend. It's not your standard heart shaped doily kind, but I'm pretty happy with it. We love watching retro sci-fi movies (Forbidden Planet, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Day the Earth Stood Still etc). We watch episodes of The Twilight Zone on date night and WallE is probably our favourite romance movie... so you can see how it is pretty perfect.
Everybody likes glitter.(even boys) It gives an object sparkle, texture, and a bit of whimsy. I bought a Martha Stewart Glue pen and a multipack of glitter before Christmas, and I have had SO much fun with it. It's really extremely easy, and it takes your homemade cards to a new level. I bought the glue and glitter at Michaels (yay %40 coupons), but I noticed that Wal-mart carries it as well.
Here is the glue pen
Super easy to use nib
Step One-- trace the outline or create your own image in the glue pen
Step Two-- choose colour of glitter
Step Three-- tap glitter over the glued area
Step Four-- shake off excess (use paper as funnel to put it back in the jar-- less waste= more glitter for later- yay!)
Step Five-- choose new colour, repeat steps 1-4
Finished product!
Glitter in the sunlight... isn't it pretty???
Hope you enjoyed my mini-tutorial--- get glittering and sparkle up someone's day! (You'll have fun, I promise.) Photobucket

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