Friday, 13 April 2012 boxes and hobbes...

So... there appears to be large black boxes in the right sidebar. If I move things, they just move higher. Yay >_<
I don't really know html or anything to do with blogs. I've picked a bit up from working on here for almost a year.... but not enough to know what I'm doing. I might have to switch to a stock template, then reformat it from scratch... boo! If you see this page looking like a hurricane hit it in the next week... I've probably decided to go in and tackle it. Lets hope I can restore it to its somewhat former glory.
On a side note, this is the latest of my knitted creations--- a Hobbes doll. He was commissioned and I'm really excited he turned out so well. I was a little nervous about the face, and originally he had no mouth-- but he didn't have the same charm.

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