Tuesday, 15 May 2012

...tuesday treasures...

Hello! Phew! The last two weeks were crazy. I had to do 4 speeches! I'm not a fan of public speaking (I'm a little shy) so it was definitely a sink or swim situation. I ended up receiving a good mark, so I'm feeling relieved. I just started the English portion of my course, and as I just finished a 4 History Degree at University, I think this will be a breeze.

I had such a nice weekend. I went for a walk with my mum and her pup, Felix down by the ocean. The weather has been beautiful here-- a balmy 25 degrees (Celsius of course). Nate and I went for a walk down by the beach and I put my feet in the ocean. Damn it's cold! I can't wait to go to Parksville, which is up the island a bit. The beaches are sandy and shallow, so the water is crazily warm! It'll be so nice. When we were down at the ocean we saw a little otter poke his nose up... then it walked right out of the water! It was so exciting! We spent the rest of the day on the front lawn, baking up the sun. We had to go for an emergency Aloe Vera run last night... after a Mother's Day dinner with his family. We turned into lobsters. Ouch! This weather feels so nice... I hope we have many more nice days this summer!

How was your weekend? Did you have a nice Mother's day?)

1. Bottle Caps, 2. Watermelon Pinwheels, 3. Yummy Coloured Bowls, 4. Anchor Phone Case


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