Thursday, 17 May 2012

...what's in my bag...

So, here's my first non-Tuesday Treasures post in awhile! I wanted to do something fun and a little frivolous, so I decided to do a "What's in my Bag?" post. It's always cute seeing what people carry with them (besides the crumpled receipts, gum wrappers, and loose change that we remove before taking the photos, haha!)

1. My favourite colour teal purse from Winners for less than $30.00!

2. Cute "Miffy" pencils from the Esquimalt Pharmasave (they have cute Korean and Japanese paper goods and stationery!

3. Baby Lips lip balm in red. It smells like fruit punch, it gives your lips a sheer reddish glow without all the mess of red lipstick, and it has SPF 15 for the summer! Highly recommend!

4. Pearly pink cell phone case-- cute and indestructible!

5. Hello Kitty blush in "tippy". It makes you look like a China Doll if you are fair.

6. Gray leopard print sunglasses with rhinestones- Payless $10.00

7. Cutest day planner ever-- boston terriers and poodles eating doughnuts and cupcakes!

8. My function over form wallet. My pen exploded all over it (notice how I have pencils now) and it's still truckin'.

9. Hello kitty bandaid tin holding my business cards. Cute and practical!

10. This is what I'm most proud of. You know all those stamp cards or member cards you get from different shops? And how your wallet is waaay too small for all of them? I hole punched them and put them all on a keyring. Now I  just pull out the keyring and flip!

11. Yes-- this is out of order. I missed it when I numbered them the first time.(^___^) This is my new little sketchbook I bought at the Esquimalt Pharmasave (It is so weird to have found all these cute things in the tiniest section in a drugstore!) It says "Girl's Romance"... it's from Korea so maybe the translation is a little off--- but it's so pretty I had to buy it. It's the perfect size to carry with me and jot or doodle things in!

So, that's my bag. I'm glad that the picture is actually a decent size-- I just realized how to edit the photo size to extra-large... after discovering the "compose" button on the posting page. I was having to type code to make paragraphs before--- silly silly me. I also changed up the layout on the blog for a fresh summery start!

Hope everyone has a lovely long weekend and a Happy Victoria Day if you're from Canada! 

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