Tuesday, 12 June 2012

...mattick's farm...

Do you remember the feature "The Adventure of Etta and friends?" I was a little too busy to keep up with it the last few months, but I finally took some photos!

The premise is basically featuring one of my favourite spots in Victoria by photographing one of my dolls visiting. Kind of like the travel gnome in Amelie, but cuter haha. 

Mattick's farm is a charming little place near Elk Lake in Saanich. It's a little shopping centre, with 15 shops and an open air courtyard. There's a cute little tea house called Adrienne's, an on-the-go sandwich shop, and Gramma Fay's Ice Cream. There's cute gifts for all the mothers, sisters, and cousins in your life, as well as a sweet little art gallery featuring West Coast Art.

I used to go here with my Grandma and my mum when I visited Victoria as a child. (I grew up on the mainland). There's a little mini golf course too-- where I got my first hole-in-one. I love sharing the High Tea with my mum--- tasty little pastries and sandwiches-- very posh!

We shared a roast beast (heehee-- Grinch!) sandwich and sat out in the almost sunshine. April enjoyed being let out of my purse into the fresh air in the courtyard. (Walking around with a doll at 23 can be a little silly looking...)

Hope you enjoyed my little write up about Mattick's. If you're in the area, be sure to check it out!


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