Wednesday, 13 June 2012

...pandora bracelet...

Do you remember back in February when I posted about making a Pandora bracelet from Etsy artisans instead of paying a ridiculous amount in stores?

You can read it here:

Well... I did it! I ordered the bracelet, a few select charms, and a few filler beads for my 23rd birthday. I miscalculated my size so it arrived a little late, but I'm so happy with it. I love the idea of having the charms without having so many pieces hanging off to catch on things. It's also not so delicate--- it makes quite a statement!  While it probably clocked in at $100.00.... considering a bead or a bracelet costs $50.00 in stores... I think it's quite a bargain!
Each of the charms has meaning:
Anchor: Blue Anchor Crafts and where I live.
Crown: Represents my history degree, which was largely British History based
Yarn Ball: My love of knitting and my dollies

Soon I'm getting a little medical charm to represent my graduation from my Medical Office Assistant course... for eight dollars!

The peachy pink crystal-ish beads are gorgeous. They're such a pretty colour. I bought a little bag of coloured crystal hearts which are a little dangley and add a pop of colour. I'm going to go down to my local bead shop and see if I can find a few lamp-work beads to add! 

I highly recommend finding a bracelet on Etsy and filling up a few beads for yourself or a loved one. It's so fun to search for all the different charms in all the different categories!


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  1. Way to go! Some things are just shockingly over priced, and regardless of one's bank balance it doesn't make sense to buy (no pun intended) into it all!


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