Sunday, 1 July 2012

...happy canada day...

Happy Canada Day Everyone! Canada is 144 years today! It doesn't feel like any Canada Day that I remember. There is a large gray cloud over my tree... hard to believe it's July. Last year Nate and I watched the fireworks from the other side of downtown.... they were so close it was unreal! Hopefully the weather turns around for people's BBQs. 

I thought I'd introduce a new feature today: "Dolled Up". I got the idea from a site called "Polyvore" (Seriously-- so addictive!) which is like paper dolls without the doll. You can search and upload things for an outfit and put it all together. It's a lot of fun. One of my favourite things about making the dolls is coming up with colour combinations, different style shoes (flats, converse, mary-janes), scarves, hoodies, fair-isle patterns-- so although it's not exactly crafty- it kinda goes along with it!

Check it out on the next post!


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