Saturday, 28 July 2012

...lost in the archvies...

Autumn, Hazel and Gemma- my three favourites.
So, I was going through a file on my computer the other day. It's called "Dolls- Unedited for Records" I keep all the photos I take so I can use the images for the blog etc. and so I can remember the dollies that I sell. Then I noticed a huge gap in my photos! Shock! Horror!... almost tears! I did some pretty weird file-saving onto a external drive, then my computer bit the dust, then I got a new computer, so I was pretty sure the error occurred then. Most of the dolls files who were missing were ones I had sold! I only had the collage files from Facebook... so only one of each! 

Today I sat down with both my cameras (point-and-shoot and a Nikon DX that I barely know how to use) and went through their SD cards. Found em! Hurray! All of them! So so so excited. Each doll takes me about 4-6 hours (sometimes more) to knit, and once I stitch on their little faces (okay, eyes) I become quite attached. I'm so happy to have these photos! I'll share some more with you soon!

I'll be posting more soon! I've been pretty busy this week--- it's my dad's big 5-0 BBQ this afternoon. I'll post the card I made him-- it's pretty unique!

Enjoy the sunshine! 

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