Saturday, 28 July 2012


So, I was talking with a classmate a few days ago after another grueling and frustrating day of Microsoft Word... I had my mini-sketchbook out and was doodling. I was sharing some ideas I had for dolls (I'll keep that a surprise) and she suggested a flapper doll! Brilliant! I had a bout of insomnia... and knitted her and half sewed her in one sitting. That was a lot of episodes of Castle (guilty pleasure show--- I can usually guess the killer so I don't have to concentrate too much) and I was pretty exhausted the next day, but she was worth it!

I love her cute little bob hair cut with barrettes, her fringed silver and sparkly midnight blue dress, and her adorable mary-janes. She looks like she'll be doing the Charleston into the wee hours for quite some time!

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