Wednesday, 22 August 2012

...dollie update...

If you haven't seen my latest dollies on my Facebook page, here they are!

Midge is the studious one. She's adorable with her beehive, smart jumper, ruffled skirt, and little brown oxfords. She's perfect for the college or university student in your life!
Pamela is bringing back the sixties with her Mad-Men vibe. With her cute pillbox hat, orange fur trimmed suit, and sweet ankle strap shoes, she's perfect for the stylish girl in your life.
Lulu is my new favourite. I'm planning on making a bunch like her. She's bringing back the mod vibe of the swinging sixties with her extreme beehive, crazy colour combinations, peter-pan collar and matching Mary Janes. I'm making more because I don't think I could let this one go (I'm going to end up being the crazy-doll lady instead of the crazy cat lady, aren't I?)
This picture was taken at sunset, so the colours are pretty warm (I'm a perfectionist, this bothers me). She's adorable in her duffle coat, ruffled dress, knee socks and little boots.

 Hope you enjoyed this little dollie update. There will be more soon!

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