Saturday, 18 August 2012


I finally finished my seven months at Sprott Shaw! Woo-hoo! It felt like the longest seven months of my life, but the two week courses seemed to fly by. It was one of the most overwhelming, stressful things I have ever done, but I feel like I've learned and overcome a lot. I'm not sure if the things I learned was what they were trying to teach me, but I learned just the same. 

I've had to take tests where I felt completely unsure of what I was doing, no matter how much I studied. I've had to do a crash course in public speaking where my heart raced like a rabbit the entire time, and stayed like that for the entire two weeks. I was called on in class when I didn't know the answer and had to come up with something quickly. I've been forced to teach myself computer programs, do transcription without a pedal due to unavailable classrooms, and forced to take typing tests without a backspace. I've had to help classmates with computers, formatting, questions, and everything in between while the instructor was out of the room or ignoring us at their desk. I've had to force my brain to do math and trust my calculations for an entire month of accounting. I've had to deal with others and my own emotional breakdowns and personalities (some quite extreme). I've had to learn an entire medical book cover-to-cover in a month.

Reading that over, it sounds like quite a lot of misery. But out of that, I learned leadership skills with the students I helped, I learned to trust myself when I felt like things were too fast and were out of my control, I learned to push my brain to go beyond literacy and creativity into the realm of mathematics and formulas, I learned (somewhat) to harness my nerves and deliver a good speech, I learned to stand up for myself and get the information I needed, I learned how to speak in class rather than sitting at the back and I learned how to type at 82 wpm (with backspace allowed). I also met some great people, made good friends, and appreciate anywhere with windows. Moyra (the career advisor) was fantastic, and I appreciate how confident she's made me feel about entering the working world. I truly feel I am ready for anything the world throws at me!

I'm planning on working on the blog more now that I am homework free. New dolls will be posted soon and I hope to have more time to write personal posts like these. 

Thanks so much for reading---

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  1. There can be a lot of growth from adversity! We're all proud of you. Again, and as always, you've risen to the occasion and made lots of friends and well wishers along the way!


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