Monday, 20 August 2012


My life lately, according to Instagram...
(Across, left to right)
1. Inherited some of my Nanna's teacups and jewellery. Aren't they gorgeous?
2. Teacups and china. The rose-pattern is my great-grandmother's (super old) I'm in great need of a china cabinet.
3. First set of scrubs-- from Walmart! I'm an XS... what do littler people do? I tried on a small and I could fit about ten of my bums in the pants!
4. First scarf-- ever! Really liking it!
5. In love with peter-pan collars lately. Buying some more grown up clothes
6. My favourite of my Nanna's teacups. So 1960s with the gold stars and turquoise. 
7. Beautiful brooches-- can't wait to wear them this fall!
8. New medical charm on my bracelet to represent my MOA diploma. $7.00 on Etsy!
9. My favourite dress ever. $20.00 on sale at Suzy. How cute is it? I'm in love!

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