Tuesday, 7 August 2012

...tuesday treasures...

 Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a great long weekend. I spent a bunch of time knitting and taking photographs, which was lovely. This week I start taking my Career Planning course. I'm pretty excited that it's my last two weeks at Sprott-Shaw, but leaving is a bit scary too. Hopefully I find a good job in some sort of medical office setting! I'll probably be glued to my computer looking at Monster.ca, Workopolis and Craigslist for the next two weeks. I'm hoping that an office will contact my school searching for a candidate, as I'm the only MOA graduating in this block. Wish me luck! 

This Tuesday Treasure's theme is all things medical!
Cute 1970s Doctor Set
Vintage Sign- so true!
Antique Medical Illustrations-- Okay, so this is kind of creepy and amazing at the same time.
 Victorian Photograph-- Why are skulls so creepy!?
Super Cute Medical Cookies


1. Doctor Set
2. Vintage Sign
3. Illustrations
4. Victorian Photograph
5. Cookies

Have a great week everyone! What did you get up to this long weekend?


  1. That 1970s Doctor Set looks so familiar - I would have been too old for it, but I'll bet someone in the family or some younger friend had one.

  2. That's fun! I don't think they've changed too much, because it looks vaguely familiar to me too... and I don't have a memory until the 1990s.


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