Monday, 20 August 2012

...tuesday treasures...

This week's Tuesday Treasures is all vintage items. not only sells handmade goods, but also vintage items and supplies. It's like having an online Thriftstore at your fingertips (without the weird-smell-haha). There are amazing things from animal shaped salt and pepper shakers, vintage toys, jewellery, glasses, old pyrex containers-- it's all here (though not everything ships to Canada--sigh).  As a grad present my mum let me pick out a few brooches. I'm super excited to receive them (can't wait to wear them on my jacket this fall!) Here's a vintage-treasures edition of Tuesday Treasures! Enjoy!

PS: This is my 101st post! Thought I'd share! :)

I love the colour and the detailing of these 1950s cats-eye glasses
This necklace reminds me of bubbles and cotton candy

This brooch would be so striking on a black pea-coat in the autumn

This set is absolutely to die for. I wish I dressed up more!

These are just sweet. You can't get much better than ice cream, but serving it in a pretty dish definitely is the cherry on top (oh, you could do that too!)

Sundae Set

What is your favourite vintage item? Something you inherited? Found at a Thrift Store? Or just something you've been on the hunt for?

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  1. The pink pearls make me drool! So gorgeous!


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