Monday, 27 August 2012

...tuesday treasures...

This is a weekly feature where I post my favourite finds from Etsy--a handmade/vintage/supply online marketplace. 

Aren't hot air balloons cheerful? While my fear of heights would prevent me from ever going near one in real life-- they are one of the cutest things around. They are circular, bulbous, brightly coloured, and float in the sky--- I don't think it gets better than that. I needed a good dose of cheer this week, as I'm applying for jobs, writing cover letters, and am extremely nervous about the whole process. I ended up with a delightful eye/side of head/ sinus migraine today, which was just what I needed to start off my week. On that note, lets forget all our worries and go somewhere far far away in a hot air balloon.. (or just look at some).

Love the vintagey feel of this balloon illustration

Ferris wheels are inherently terrifying, but I might make an exception for this. So cute!

This would be adorable in a children's room or nursery
I love that this print is done on a dictionary page. It gives such a neat vintage feel to the piece.

I love the stitching on these balloons. This mobile is so whimsical and would be loved by any kid (or me, because I would totally have this in my apartment)


1. Balloon Box
2. Carnival Print
3. Balloon Banner 
4. Wonderland Print
5. Balloon Mobile 

Thanks for reading and have a great week! Wish me luck with the job hunt!

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  1. I particularly love the balloon mobile! So cute and whimsical and a change from the usual. I also think it's something easy enough for me to make!


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