Monday, 3 September 2012

...tuesday treasures...

Happy First Day of School Everyone! I can't believe it's that time of year again! Kids are getting their back-to-school clothes, new binders and pretty school supplies. Victoria is full of college and university students once again, all in a mad rush to move back, set up and get their books. I definitely miss my university days. I loved receiving the syllabus and seeing what I was going to learn each day. I'm a bit of a nerd, so it's hard to grow up completely. I've been considering sneaking into my friend's Russian Film class... but I'm too much of a goodie goodie to actually do it. I'll have to console myself with meeting her for tea on campus and living vicariously through her (and appreciate that I've filled my lifetime paper-writing quota, haha)

This week's Tuesday Treasures theme is back to school!
Cutest Wreath- Find it HERE

Oh the Places You'll Go Prints- Find them HERE

Re-useable Sandwich Bags - Find them HERE

Laminated Lunch Kits- Find them HERE

Cutest Pencil Jars- Find them HERE

Lunchbox (for grown-ups too??) Find it HERE
Have a great week everyone!
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  2. So cute - love the lunch bags and that wreath is amazing. There's just something special about crayola crayons - I do believe they revolutionized childhood and gave a great vehicle to early creativity! I don't remember having a big box as a kid but I certainly remember as an adult buying a 96 count box, dumping them out and categorizing them according to colour! So fun! And I loved reading the names! Names are important! The makeup and home decor industries realize that! I don't want to paint my wall C - 309, but I do want 'night hush' or 'roman chamomile'!

  3. Yes, I loved the colour names-- my favourite was always cerulean blue :)


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