Monday, 29 October 2012

tuesday treasures

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for being so silent the last little while. I will definitely try to post more regularly! It is one (of many) personal goals I have been making lately. I definitely think it has something to do with my not working Mondays very often, so I keep forgetting that it's Tuesday, as if feels like my Monday!

This week's Tuesday Treasure's theme is The Game of Thrones-- a book series/ HBO television series that I'm in love with. Ridiculous amounts of nudity and violence aside, it's truly captivating and is bringing out my inner geek. I think it's the combination history/fantasy genre that grabs me. (my inner historian-hah!) For fantasy it doesn't seem too "out there" and far fetched, which is my usual issue with the genre. I tried reading Lord of the Rings once, and my impression was that it consisted of long descriptions of landscapes and long sentences starting with "So and so, son of so and so... x20". (Though I did enjoy The Hobbit.)

I particularly like the structure of the Game of Thrones books as it follows particular characters per chapter. The descriptions are vivid, the dialogue (especially Tyrian) is delightful and the extremely complex characters makes for a good read.

Here's what some of Etsy's crafters have come up with in honour of this fabulous series ^_^

Absolutely in love with this crown... fit for a Queen.

Amazing pendant displaying the different houses

Gorgeous Dragon Egg Pendant-- I can picture Dany wearing it.

Direwolf Crochet Cuties

Amazing interpretation of Arya

I am seriously considering purchasing this bracelet....

Framed "Winter is Coming" book page pendant-- amazing!

Any Targaryen would be proud to sport this lovely ear-cuff
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  1. Holy shmoly! I've seen some incredible GoT Etsy trinkets, but I want to buy every single one of these! The egg... The dragon ear cuff... All of it.

    I'm the creator of the Winter is Coming book page necklace and I figured I'd drop by, say hi, drop my jaw at some awesome stuff and give my thanks for featuring my necklace on your blog post! To you and all of your readers, the coupon code BOOKSHOP will get you 10% off everything in my shop :)

    So thanks so much again and have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you for reading Krysten! I absolutely love that necklace! (Definitely going to the top of my Christmas list!)

  2. Shhhh! I bought it for her! HaHa - I'm not good with secrets! Too good an item to miss out on for sure! Fun post!

    1. Well thank you mum. ^_^ I'll pretend I didn't read this and I will look surprised on Christmas Morning.


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