Thursday, 6 December 2012

...crazy times...

I feel like half my posts are me apologizing for not posting regularly. I think this is common with a lot of blogs. My life is incredibly hectic. I just bumped up my hours at work to full time (yay!) but it's definitely an adjustment. No more three day weekends--- sigh, I wish I had used them effectively while I had them! (isn't that always the way though?)

My boss's last day is Saturday at work. Today is my three month mark with the company. Not just the company... the three month mark for me being a secretary... for me having a real job really. The other secretary is leaving at the end of next week. She's been here double the time I have. Two new girls (one is my boss) are hired, which is great, but they're just starting and I'm still in the crazy/awkward position of being the authority on everything in the office for the time being...

"Everything in the office? That can't be that bad", you say.

Besides answering phones, booking in appointments for four different types of therapies (with varying rules and codes), I deal with patient questions, concerns, cancelling appointments and checking four + different types of insurers, all with their prospective rules. I post through appointments, make and print invoices and keep track of receipts in case things go wrong. I reconcile the bank records when I work the late shift. I reverse payments, void invoices and fix mistakes. I explain paperwork, check carecard coverage and type out extension requests. I copy prescriptions, chart notes and fax things. I receive faxes, file faxes and call back extensions received from the fax machine. I deal with the grumpy, the kind, the jolly, the frustrated and the confused. I bring back files to the right therapist. I know upwards of 40 patients by sight. I generate lists of billings by insurer, print, attach referrals and send them to companies. I pull files, put away files and find missing files. I discharge, reactivate and create new patients. I do reminder calls for upcoming appointments. I update funding information, fold laundry, do laundry, grab laundry from the back, spot tidy and clean... and the phone is always ringing....

That's only what my job is like off the top of my head, I'm sure there is more. It's a lot to learn, and it takes more than 3 months to learn it. I'm just going to have to grit my teeth and hope these weeks go smoothly....

The therapists who work in my office are encouraging and kind and I am so grateful for that. The patients are pretty great too. Even though things are going to be nuts (like, almost burst into tears with 2 lines on hold, patient's lining up and 12 questions I don't know the answer to nuts) I will make it through this transitional time... and it'll be worth it.

Keep me in your thoughts this next while, eh?


(I promise to post if I have enough energy to knit anything at the end of the day.....hehe)

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  1. Haha - read that out loud and quickly and it sounds even MORE manic! So proud of you for handling it with aplomb...!! Well done! Looking forward to continued reading of your blog and admiring your talents - all and sundry!


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