Friday, 25 January 2013

...number four...

Okay, I'm pretty excited by this one. I did some devising and realized that a smaller needle makes a (in my opinion) tidier looking arm. I'm going to try this on the legs too. (Never too late for a little experimenting!) I'm really liking her "woodsier" wardrobe. I knitted in a lot of texture into the sweater, to look like one of those Aran ones. She looks very British to me, so I named her Piper. (Is anyone else loving her little stubby pigtails? As soon as my hair gets long enough... this is happening.. and I do realize I'm almost 24.)

This week has positively flown by. I've been trying to work on devising better systems at work. (I may have come up with a few semi-brilliant ideas to make our lives easier.) Office work isn't very glamorous (unless you're Joan Holloway), but it does feel good to reorganize and reduce the tediousness of tasks.

I'm writing this post Thursday night, before I start my Adobe Illustrator class. I'll have to update you on my impressions/ progress. I'm pretty excited but nervous at the same time!

I'm going to spend some time this week drawing and updating my other blog Dearest Doodles (not linking because I want it to look better and have updates first! I can't wait to draw again, it's been much much too long!)

Hope everyone's having a good week! Are you working on any 52 or 365 projects? 

Thanks for reading!

PS: Thank you for new readers that left comments! Makes my day! 
PPS: How gorgeous is the retro rotary phone she is standing on. It's getting it's own post soon!  



  1. Love her bright hair and woodsy clothes. Who says girls need to be pink! She looks cosy!

    1. I know. I love the colour pink, but it needs to be used in the right way. I'm sick of seeing everything for little girls in garish shades of fushia and bright purple. It's so boring!


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