Friday, 11 January 2013

...number two...

I did it! I did it! It was one heck of a week, but I managed to knit up this little dollie for the second week of my 52 dolls project. If you didn't see the first one, you can view her right  HERE. I'm especially enthusiastic about this little one. I love her wintery collars, her boots with bows, her little scarf and vest, and her cute pigtails (am I strange that I really like the ones with grey hair? I think I might have mentioned this before... but each time I make one, I fall especially in love with it.)

 I definitely hope I don't feel too attached to my creations by the end of this project.... 52 extra dolls kicking around the apartment would lovely in the theory... but I hope to sell them at a craft fair/market sometime in the coming year. If no one buys them... then I'll guess I'll be the crazy doll lady... facepalm.

 This doll is also extra special because she is my SEVENTIETH. That's right. SEVENTIETH doll... That's a lot of knitting!! (I started September 2011)  By the end of this year, if I keep on track with this 52 project, I will have made 190! Due to my love of names, I have around 200 more to play with.... so I won't be in trouble for awhile yet! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I'm going to work tomorrow to spring clean the office (employee of the year right here, right?) It's going to be an awesome purge and is going to make things hopefully run more smoothly and reduce chaos (we can only hope.)

It's lovely and sunny this afternoon, and I plan on cleaning the heck out of my apartment. There's something about the sun that just energizes you. I don't usually feel super excited to do anything but veg after a long shift (I start at the ungodly hour of 7:15am) but I'm going to go get my vacuuming on!

Are you participating in a 365 or 52 project? What are your goals? 

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for next weeks dollie-- #3!

Ps: Ivana is sitting on a lovely crocheted square courtesy of my mum. More on her crocheting adventures another time!



  1. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)

  2. Love your...I am a new follower. I am doing a 52 week project myself, a granny square a week...I did week one and need to catch up on three more squares!

    1. It's definitely a lot of work! It'll be lovely when it all comes together! :)


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