Tuesday, 8 January 2013

...tuesday treasures...

Hello! This is the first Tuesday Treasures of 2013! This week's theme is foxes! They always make foxes sly in fairy tales, but I think they are absolutely sweet. Maybe it's because my parent's dog Felix looks a little like one...with his copper face and a pointy nose! I also love forest creatures as a theme for a child's room. Owls, foxes, rabbits, deer etc...there's something comforting about a dense forest, a warm den, and meadow full of wild flowers. Here's this week's Tuesday Treasures!..

Cuddly Friend
Gorgeous Brooch
Fox Felt Friend
Lovely Glass Pendant
Sweetest Cowl
1. Sleepy Fox 
2. Fox Brooch
3. Pocket Fox
4. Arctic Fox Pendant  
5.Fox Cowl

Have a lovely week!  


  1. I love any and everything foxes! These are great, especially the first and last!

    1. There's just something so cheerful about them. I love that fox cowl too (I would definitely wear it hehe.)


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