Friday, 15 February 2013

...number seven....

Happy Friday everyone!

The sun is shining and I'm feeling very motivated to do some mass cleanings and organizings... so I'll keep this short. Here's this week's dollie--- Lucita! I'm in love with her vibrant and colourful sweater! It was so much fun to knit. I'm really enjoying the beehive/pigtail combination lately (really, you hadn't noticed?) I love the 1960's vibe it gives. (also makes them extra huggable--- more to love!)

I recently bought a lovely knitting needled case and a plethora of bamboo knitting needles off Etsy. (Seriously, so much cheaper than Michaels!! Astoundingly so!) Because I have so many sizes now, I can knit with a variety of yarn weights! Horray! I have now acquired a bunch of fun colours that weren't available in the yarn that I usually buy--- so I'm very inspired to keep knitting up a rainbow of loveable friends!


Have a great weekend!!


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