Friday, 8 February 2013

...number six...

Hello Everybody!

How is it Friday again?? I know I sound like a broken record, but it's just SHOCKING to me how fast the week goes by. Warped speed! I was good and didn't knit all week, but still have a dollie I knitted two weeks ago to share! Her name is Tegan and she's Anaya's sister. I love how cute they look together... bright, retro and fun. I hope the little girls love them.

My wrists finally feel like they were on the mend. I went a little nuts a few weeks ago and I think this is my body telling me that knitting all weekend is a terrible idea. It's good actually, because I've decided to put more time into getting healthy. Like really (drink home-made smoothies and get up at 5:30 and exercise and maybe even jog outside where people can see me once I get good enough)get healthy. Pretty radical for me.

I'm not going to start out TOO crazy because then I'll just crash and burn, but I'm hoping to make enough small changes that they turn into habits and I can build upon them. I'm terrible for thinking that every time I have a minute I should be "making something" but I need this body to continue to be creative, so I suppose I should be put SOME time into maintaining it! There's a very good quote I read at physiotherapy: "Be kind to your body, it's the only place you have to live". Very true.

It sounds very new-years-ish to have these goals, but I really feel like I'm finally responsible enough to succeed.(Repetitive schedule, not in school anymore etc.) Maybe I'll sneak in little updates on here so I can be accountable and show that even if you're a "crafty-sit-on-the-sofa-knitting-drawing-and-reading-all-evening-kinda-girl"(or guy) you can incorporate healthy habits.

PS: I'm getting better at illustrator! I traced a Violin! I'm no longer in despair!

Have a very lovely long weekend (to everyone in BC- Family Day!) and a lovely regular one if you're anywhere else! 

Any getting started fitness tips you'd like to share? I'll take em! 

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