Thursday, 14 March 2013


Today I'm going to talk a little about an App that I'm pretty excited about. It's called "BlogGo" and it was created by Dana of Wonder Forest (go check her out if you haven't-- she's extremely multi-talented. I especially love her hand-sewn items.)  

Anyways, if you blog, you might have tried to download the Blogger App. You think to yourself, "Oh, this'll be convenient." You would be wrong. I could never understand the point really, as 90% of the features Blogger offered weren't available on the App! 

This is where Dana stepped in and made an amazing, user-friendly App for Blogger that actually works. Yay!

You can write a post, moderate comments (which is so much faster than doing it by email....especially when half of them are spam and it makes you angry to open up 10 emails of copy-paste messages that make no sense... *end rant*.) You can view your blog without the mobile version (so you can see all your pretty buttons and sidebars) and you can look through scheduled and published posts and edit them! As someone who just bought an iPad, I have to say that this App came out at the perfect time. No need to power up the ol' desktop computer... you can blog from your couch, your coffee shop, wherever you like! There's also a subscriptions tab that takes you to a list of your favourite blogs! What's not to love!

Please check out to learn more or find it at the Apple App Store. 

Happy Blogging!


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  1. If I was more gadget-literate, I'd understand that all better, but I do know how sometimes things are NOT at all user-friendly! And what a relief when some intelligent, forward thinking person makes something better!


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