Saturday, 30 March 2013 easter egg ladies...

On Thursday evening, I went to my mum's house to dye Easter Eggs, eat hot crossed buns, and drink shirley temples. (Best combination ever--- thanks mum!)  I decided to change up the Easter eggs a little bit this year, and make some sweet little dollies eggs too! They turned out way  better than I had expected (isn't it lovely when that happens?) I even made a self portrait one (above!) This would be a super cute project, especially with families-- each person can be an egg! (just what you always wanted! haha) Here's how:

All you need is:
Food colouring
Vinegar (optional but we always have used it)
Pencil (optional)
Acrylic paint
Paint Brush
Sharpie paint pen (optional, I had it on hand)
Markers (non permanent)

 Basically, all you do is dip half/three-quarters of the hard boiled egg in dye as usual. Waiting until it has reached your desired colour, then place into egg carton to dry.

Take a pencil and sketch a hairline and eyes (or freehand with a sharpie if you're feeling confident)

Once you have your lines down, paint the hair with acrylic paints and a small paintbrush. Let that dry, then decorate the outfit (dyed part) with sharpie paint or markers. That's it! 

I may have taken a RIDICULOUS number of pictures... but they were just so cute I couldn't help myself (thanks to my mum for letting me raid her china cabinet for props!)

PS: Don't they look like they're riding on a bus in the egg carton? Too cute!

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter with their near and dear!

Do you have any Easter Traditions, Egg-related or otherwise?

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