Tuesday, 26 March 2013

...tuesday treasures...

Easter is almost upon us! How is it spring already? I guess because it never snowed I don't feel like we're properly done with winter yet (I can feel people shaking their fists at me as I type) but the sunshine and smell of freshly cut lawns is rather lovely. Daffodils aren't too bad either.

I'm a spring baby (actually, my birthday is on Easter every once and awhile) so I'm always fond of this time of the year. When I was a little kid, we used to have Easter Egg hunts for my birthday parties, usually rather soggy due to April weather. Fun times nevertheless. While I won't have any Easter Egg hunting this year (being an adult is overrated) I will dye eggs like I have since I was a kid. I'll be posting my lovely eggies later this week!

Here's my Easter Themed Tuesday Treasures!

1. Easter Wreath
2. Vintage cards 
3. Easter Banner
4. Easter Eggs 
5. Baby Chick Pendant

Have a lovely short-week everyone! Any big plans for Easter?


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