Saturday, 22 June 2013


So, here's the new name! I came up with it lying in on a lawn chair on the deck of my parents house. I had written down lists of words and ideas (mostly dreadful) after realizing my current name was too limiting for what I was doing. Reading the "Handmade Marketplace" made me see the light...I had pigeonholed myself. Sometimes I just want to share what I'm working on without having to decide if it "matches" where I'm posting it.  After checking idea after idea (it's actually surprising there is anything original left with almost one billion blogs out there in the world, really.) I came up with Teacups and Spectacles... and it just seemed perfect.

I didn't want something too specific: (for example: Dearest Doodles must be used for only illustrations... which is much too limiting). I wanted something general that applies to me... no matter what I end up doing.

Teacups and Spectacles is a little bit old lady, which suits me perfectly. I have a china cabinet that I'm proud of, my furniture has doilies on it, I enjoy spelunking in thrift stores for retro household items... oh, and I knit. My favourite days are rainy ones, when I can curl up in a nice zig-zag afghan, drink a nice cup of Murchie's Tea, and draw or knit. It's my creative time, where I can be a little bit of a hermit and get lost in what I'm doing.

I'm keeping the name Dearest Doodles to refer to the illustration portion of the site. I'll have a gallery up and will share a lot of the drawings I've come up with lately. Instead of just referring to the dolls as "my dolls" or "teacups and spectacles dolls" <-- which is a bit of a mouthful, I'm going to call them Dearest Dollies, and will be posting them as they're finished. It matches, I can put that on the tags, and it'll make sense at a craft fair. With my wrist injury (can it be an injury if there was no trauma?) I'll be focusing more on the illustrations for now... as it's my left wrist that's the unhappy one (thank goodness!)

Anyways, that's the new exciting changes around here. I've just simplified the layout with the right colours for now, and will eventually work on a bit more design. 

Thanks for your support!


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