What are your dolls made of? 
I knit the dolls with high-quality acrylic yarn. This is not the scratchy mess that old ladies tend to choose. I tend to use Vannas Choice, Bernat Satin, and Red Heart Soft (the latter is actually soft, unlike a lot of Red Heart Yarn). The yarn is soft and spot-cleanable. (I've never had the heart to throw one in the machine to test it out, so I would recommend spot-cleaning.) I fill the dolls with polyester fill, so they are hypoallergenic. The dolls are quite soft and squishy but firm. Definitely huggable. The dolls do not have buttons or eyes or other small hazardous parts. If you would like to add buttons or safety eyes to a custom item, please be aware that the child should be over 3 years of age (or older, depending on the child).

How do you pick out their outfits? colours? names?
Choosing the colours is always the best part. I lay out a bunch of yarn, then lump things together by what looks the best. I try to shy away from the "typical" girl colours (tons of pink and purple) or when I do use them, I try to mix it up to make it more unique. I think the ones with unusual colouring are something you'd really remember as a child. ("My favourite doll growing up was called Ivy, and she had this green and orange sweater and matching shoes!") I totally don't mind making ones that are a bit girly (I've made TWO princess dolls!) but if I'm just knitting one myself, I'll definitely go for a more mod or earthy west coast vibe. I buy a lot of my yarn from Michaels on sale, so I have quite a collection. Sometimes I draw up the doll ahead of time (like the pillbox hat and matching suit on Pamela), other times I just start knitting and see what looks best.

I especially enjoy the ones with Audrey-Hepburn length flood pants and little flats. The maryjanes are pretty cute too... and the little ruffles on the dresses.  I definitely have a soft spot for the dollies with black or red hair... probably because they're the most dramatic. I definitely like to add a little retro flavour with the beehives, peter-pan collars and just the simplicity of the overall look of the dolls.

Naming the dolls is super fun. I've created a list of over 200 names, so I'll be good for quite awhile. I love quirky, retro names to match these quirky and unique little dolls. For custom orders, I usually name the doll after the recipient, because it's always fun to receive something with your name on it.

Here's the important stuff: 

Contact Information:

My Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/weepingmermaid
My blog: http://blueanchorcrafts.blogspot.com/
Big Cartel Shop: http://weepingmermaiddesigns.bigcartel.com/
Store Envy Shop: http://blueanchorcrafts.storenvy.com/
My twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/BlueAnchorCraft
My email: weepingmermaiddesigns@gmail.com
My Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/karen_taylor1/blue-anchor-crafts/

Shipping: Canada post is extremely expensive. For dolls, an extra $10.00 to $15.00 will go to shipping if you're in the Greater Vancouver + Mainland. If you are in the Greater Victoria area, I can deliver the package to you directly. I have changed gears to smaller dolls (the size which I have posted most recently) so I am hoping there will be a cheaper way. The jewellery is substantially less (a padded envelope is all that is needed) so the shipping will be under $2.00. For now, I am not shipping to the United States due to shipping costs.

Custom Order Dolls: Message me, leave a wall post, or email me your ideas. Depending on the complexity, some dolls (bridal, Frankenstein, Freddy Kruegar..{I'm not kidding}) will be more expensive due to added embellishments and pieces. Most dolls, however, will be $25.00. We will discuss a colour palette, hair/skin colour, and other options for the doll. (Ie, my daughter has black hair, pale skin and likes blue and pink and I like the ones with scarfs). You do not need to know every detail--- If you like a certain doll that is posted on the website, I can do a similar version with different colours etc.Christmas is a busy time for me, so please think ahead and order early. :) 

How to pay: I am very new to all this, but there should be 3 ways to pay.

1.Pay through the Big Cartel shop (via Facebook too)- once the item is available click the paypal icon (either Buy Now or Add to Cart) and you should be taken to Paypal where the order will be placed. If I create a custom order, I can add the item to the shop with a "Reserved for "NAME" with the price listed as well.

2.Invoice. I've been reading into invoicing through Paypal and I believe I can send someone an email with the exact amount listed, and they should be able to pay me immediately (faster than a cheque)

3.If you pay by cheque, I will have to receive the cheque prior to shipping for obvious reasons... no one wants a D&D (doll-and-dash). I will photograph the doll to show that it has, in fact, been completed and I will email this before I receive payment.

Thank you very much for your support! I hope you enjoy your handmade purchases and presents!